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Problems with new GDB toolbar

From: Kim F. Storm
Subject: Problems with new GDB toolbar
Date: 17 Nov 2002 23:48:18 +0100
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Hi Nick,

The new GDB toolbar is awesome -- IMO, it's the first real
"killer app" which shows that a toolbar really can be useful!

However, I find some of the new icon a bit confusing, and I
notices some minor problems with it.

After first starting gdb, the first icon I clicked on
(to get things going) was the [Go] icon.  It resulted in
a the following error:

  gud-format-command: Wrong type argument: stringp, nil

Well, I started the program with the [Run] icon, and now wanted to
install a breakpoint in the code... so I clicked on the [Stop] icon.

It didn't work, so I did C-c C-z to stop the program...

I used C-c C-b to set the breakpoint, and then clicked on [Go]
to continue exection...  and it removed the breakpoint.

Ok, now a small bell rang, and I took the time to look at the tooltips;
[Stop] means "Set Breakpoint" and [Go] means "Clear breakpoint"...  

IMO, the [Stop] button should send a stop signal to the process, and
the [Go] button should do the equivalent of "continue". 

And then you should add new buttons for Set and Clear breakpoint;
I would recommend a "red bullet" (with no text) to set a breakpoint,
and the same "red bullet" with an "X" over it to clear the breakpoint.

Also, most of the icons (except [Run]) should be "shaded" when the
program isn't running.  Also, the [Run] tooltip should be changed to
"Restart program" when the program is running.

Finally, when the gud buffer exists, the GDB toolbar seems to be used
as the default toolbar for modes which uses the default toolbar.
That's pretty annoying.

Kim F. Storm <address@hidden> http://www.cua.dk

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