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Re: Gtk version getting closer

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: Gtk version getting closer
Date: 21 Nov 2002 21:47:52 +0000
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Miles Bader <address@hidden> writes:

> One thing I noticed about the windows tooltips is that they pop up
> neatly aligned with the edge of the menu entry or whatever

MS-Windows? All the tooltips I've seen on that platform are placed a
certain offset from the mouse pointer (below and to the right if
there's room, but avoiding the bottom and right edge of the
screen). It is relatively easy to make tooltips obscure the item they
are pointing to if you try, although it doesn't happen accidentally
as often as with the default settings in Emacs, I think due to the
positioning of the tooltip as below the pointer instead of above where
it is near the hotspot. 

Gnome on the other hand seems to position them vertically relative to
the menu entry or whatever (below), and horizontally relative to the
mouse (centered, which I'm not sure I like, but maybe its a case of
getting used to it).

> Perhaps it would also be good to pass a hint as to the preferred side of
> rectangle to put the tooltip on (which I guess would be ignored if there
> wasn't enough space).

They should be consistent. Tooltips popping up in different places
based on the preferences of some elisp package author would not be

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