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Re: [PATCHES] patches for compiling GNU emacs 21.2 under Cygwin

From: Joe Buehler
Subject: Re: [PATCHES] patches for compiling GNU emacs 21.2 under Cygwin
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 09:17:46 -0500
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Jason Rumney wrote:

My impression is that many of the misfeatures might be considered
features by those who would use the Cygwin port. Mostly they don't
want to interact with Windows programs in the Windows way. So it may
not be as much of a work in progress as it might seem.

As I wrote in another post just posted, this port is offered as part of
the official Cygwin application repository, and a number of people are
using it without any problems.  Cygwin is installed nowadays via
a setup.exe program that lets you select which applications you want to
install, and emacs 21.2 is one of them.

Joe Buehler

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