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Re: [PATCHES] patches for compiling GNU emacs 21.2 under Cygwin

From: Kim F. Storm
Subject: Re: [PATCHES] patches for compiling GNU emacs 21.2 under Cygwin
Date: 04 Dec 2002 00:16:25 +0100
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Joe Buehler <address@hidden> writes:

> Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> > Please provide ChangeLog entries for each change.
> I'll check the web for instructions on how to do that.
> > Please also explain the changes the reason for which is not
> > self-evident.  For example, in this change to Makefile.in:
> >  -     (cd $(docdir); chmod a+r DOC*; rm DOC); \
> >  +     (cd ${docdir}; chmod a+r DOC*; if test "`echo DOC-*`" != "DOC-*"; \
> >  +          then rm DOC; fi); \
> > why is it necessary to add this test?  Is there something special in
> > the way the Cygwin port of Bash expands wildcards?
> There are bugs in emacs (both build/install and runtime) if you cannot
> undump.  I assume that CANNOT_UNDUMP has not been tested in a while, since
> the bugs should show up regardless of platform.
> The above fix is because no DOC-* file is installed by "make install"
> when CANNOT_UNDUMP.  Only a DOC file is, and that promptly gets removed
> without the above patch.

I installed this fix on HEAD back in August.

> > The purpose of this change is also not clear enough:
> >  +#ifdef CANNOT_DUMP
> >  +#endif
> > What is special about systems that cannot dump that requires this
> > fragment?
> If you look at the code, you will see that there is no code path that
> initializes the frame foreground and background pixels when CANNOT_UNDUMP
> is in effect.  So you end up with black on black, which is of course
> unreadable.  It took me a while to find this, but that's what is going on.

I installed this fix on HEAD back in August, too.

Kim F. Storm <address@hidden> http://www.cua.dk

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