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Re: silly face function names

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: silly face function names
Date: 20 Dec 2002 19:08:23 +0900

address@hidden (Kim F. Storm) writes:
> The names are badly chosen (having both 'set-' and '-p' is confusing),
> but if you read the names like this, it does make sense:
>         set-face - FOO-p
> I would argue that 'set-' takes precedence over '-p' here...

I'd argue that you're wrong -- `FOO-p' is not a thing which you can set.
Faces have an `inverse-video' property, and `face-inverse-video-p' is
merely the name of the predicate which tests that property.

Having bogus function names around in emacs-proper just serves to
confuse people and cause the _next_ generation of bogus function names.

Come now, if we were really planning to harm you, would we be waiting here, 
 beside the path, in the very darkest part of the forest?

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