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Re: Bug Emacs 21.3: write-file downcasing

From: Juanma Barranquero
Subject: Re: Bug Emacs 21.3: write-file downcasing
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 09:07:44 +0100

On Fri, 07 Feb 2003 11:08:06 +0530, "Dhruva Krishnamurthy" <address@hidden> 

> Approx problem area:
> (set-visited-file-name "Dummy.cpp")
> (buffer-file-name)=>"dummy.cpp"
> In the file "files.el" and function 'set-visited-file-name', only for VMS
> the downcasing is done. I do not know why this is happening.

The troble is, I suppose, related to this patch:

2002-11-27  Jason Rumney  <address@hidden>

        * files.el (file-truename): Canonicalize non-existent names on w32.

which tried to solve the following problem:

(file-truename "C:/temp/a_file")  => "C:/temp/a_file"   ; a_file does not exist
(file-truename "C:/temp/a_file")  => "c:/temp/a_file"   ; a_file exists
(file-truename "/temp/a_file2")   => "/temp/a_file"     ; a_file does not exist
(file-truename "/temp/a_file")    => "c:/temp_a_file"   ; a_file exists

Jason and I were discussing it a few days ago because the current behavior
(after the patch) is murder for people who uses Java and back-port their
code to non-Windows platforms.

The only fix I can think of seems like a hack, because it would be
necessary to do some sort of canonicalization (to get the drive, for
example, which presumibly depends on the "process' default drive"), but
preserve as much of the user-supplied filename as posible.


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