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Re: proposed new variable `emacs-lisp-docstring-fill-column'

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: proposed new variable `emacs-lisp-docstring-fill-column'
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2003 15:38:16 -0500

>     rms> It sounds like a good idea; would you like to implement the code
>     rms> to actually use it, and show us that?
> Here's the whole change.  I've been using it happily for a dozen or
> two hours of working in Emacs Lisp mode.  I'm noticing other bugs in
> filling ELisp, but they're not due to this change.

I don't like this change because docstrings shouldn't be
limted to 65 chars.  The doc only says that they should
fit within 80 columns.  Only the first line should be shorter.

>   (2) add "`(" to `paragraph-start' so that `defmacro's whose bodies
>       begin with backquote (i.e. most of them) will fill properly.
>       This requires ?( to be escaped when "`(" begins a line in a
>       docstring.   I think good style would escape all ?( chars in
>       a docstring. 
>   (3) recognize (and thus do not fill) a docstring's first line when
>       it ends with ?, as well as ?.  Checkdoc-mode optionally permits
>       a comma, so let's have filling recognize that situation.

I have no opinion on this part, on the other hand.


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