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From: abrahamade
Subject: None
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2003 07:04:07 -0500

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Date: Fri,  7 Mar 2003 07:06:09 -0500

 Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation,
 Corporate Head Quater, 
 Falomo Shopping Complex, 
 Ikoyi, Lagos. 
 The President/C.E.O.,
 Seeking for a Dedicated and Committed Partnership in a
 Business Proposal Worth US$26.5m. 
 Through some discreet inquiries from our Chambers of
 Commerce, you and your organization were revealed as
 being quite astute in private entrepreneur. On this on
 this premise, we have no doubt in your ability to
 handle a financial business of considerable
 amount,which will form the bedrock of an extensive
 business partnership in due course.
 In unfolding this proposal,I want to count on your
 status, as a respected executive of your company to
 believe that you will handle it with all sincerity and
 accord it absolute confidentiality that it deserves. 
 Being the secretary to the panel that is reviewing the
 award of past project that discovered this fund, I
 have been mandated to open a business relationship
 with you on this mutually beneficial opportunity. 
 This business involves the remittance of US$26.5
 million (Twenty Six Million, Five Hundred Thousand
 dollars) only into your bank account from our apex
 bank where this fund has been lying idle in a suspense
 account. The money accrued through deliberate
 over-invoicing of old project executed for the
 Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation by some
 foreign firms.
 We have worked out this scheme to benefit us along
 with any foreign partner who obliges us the 
 materials and channel to transfer out the fund into
 his/her nominated account with a view to traveling
 down to meet you thereafter so that we can have our
 In the past, we did encounter a great loss from our
 previous experience with a Swiss who in trying to
 assist us suggested that the transfer should be done
 in three installments into his account.Together, we
 were able to transfer the first installment which was
 assumed to be a part payment of the contract sum
 amounting to US$8.625M (Eight million, six hundred and
 twenty five thousand dollars), into his account that
 he gave us.He however disappeared into thin air on our
 arrival at Zurich in Switzerland to collect our share.
 Series of attempt to contact him proved abortive and
 that is how we lost this whooping amount to the Swiss.
 We have now fully worked out the operational
 modalities to avoid any reoccurrence of such loss 
 and to forestall any hitch. If you would assist or
 participate in this deal, then please endeavor to get
 in touch with me immediately via my E-mail address as
 written above.
 In picking on you for this business, please note that
 your expertise has been taken into consideration, as
 you will be required to guide us through a wise
 investment of our share of the fund in a viable and
 profitable venture in your country. 
 In the world over, bigger firms who bid for various
 contracts especially in third world countries like
 ours can sub-contract some of them to other firms for
 execution. That is your firm will be regarded as one
 of those that executed one of such projects and
 therefore entitled to receive the contract value. Be
 rest assured that this transaction is 100% risk free
 as there is actually no risk involved either now or in
 the future for we are well connected in official
 circle. Given our level of commitment at the moment,we
 want to assure you that with full dedication on your
 part, the objective of having this fund remitted would
 have been realized within a period of two weeks.
 It is hereby expressly agreed in principle that at the
 end of the transaction, you will be entitled to 20% of
 the entire sum, which you are free to withdraw as soon
 as you confirm that the fund has been remitted into
 your account. 
 I am awaiting your response most urgently whether you
 are interested or not to enable me know the next move
 to make.
 Contact me directly on my Email address if you are
 interested with your company name/address and your
 personal tel/fax numbers.I shall forward my home
 address,telephone and fax numbers to you once you
 confirm your interest in assisting us.
 Yours sincerely,

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