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Re: Be prepared for "code clean-up" in CVS head

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Be prepared for "code clean-up" in CVS head
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 13:32:36 -0500

> > I don't intend to make a lot of changes to identify and merge
> > duplicate code, but I will at least merge the code and definitions
> > that are related to the changes I'm going to make to facilitate the
> > "fringe/margin swap" and the per-window configurations.
> There is a lot of duplication between macmenu.c, w32menu.c and xmenu.c
> There are many functions in all three that deals with taking apart
> a menu specification, allocating menu entries and walking through
> Lisp structures that are line by line identical.  There is not a
> line of GUI code in them.

Yes, we need to kill that duplicated code.

> > On a closely related matter, it seems that some corners of the code
> > _could_ work with multiple GUI output devices, e.g. W32 and X, but
> > many parts of the code definitely does not support that, particularly
> > much of the code ported to W32 and MAC uses the X-specific names of
> > both functions and #defines, and they also defines structs and types
> > to match the X-specific names...  So it is hard for me to see how
> > they can co-exist without a really MAJOR cleanup.
> >
> > If we decide that we DO NOT want to support such cross-GUI hybrids, a
> > lot more of the duplicate code could be cleaned up.
> I think this might be a lot of work, and it is of course harder to
> maintain each port independently.

I don't think merging all the duplicated code will make it harder
to eventually get multi-GUI support.  It might even make it easier
in some places.  And the real problems will be the same anyway.

> About code cleanup, how about removing the pure X (i.e. not Xt, not GTK)
> parts?  That would not reduce the duplication but would remove a lot
> of #ifdef:s.  Is there a configuration that has X but not Xt?

--with-x-toolkit=no will give you that.
I don't know how many people use such a config, tho.


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