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Re: customize-style

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: customize-style
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 03:45:30 -0500

    Non-nil, in a Customization buffer, means customize a specific buffer.
    If this variable is non-nil, it should be a buffer, and it means
    customize the local bindings of that buffer.  This variable is a
    permanent local, and it normally has a local binding in every
    Customization buffer.

    My remarks:

    Note, that the global value got set, unlike what is claimed in the
    documentation string.

I think you misread the doc string--the variable is local only
in Custom buffers, and *scratch* is not one.  The setq did
exactly what it should do.

    "and it means customize the local bindings of that buffer."

    Does this mean: *if* the variable *already* has a buffer-local binding
    or no matter what?

I see the confusion here.  It actually sets the binding currently
visible in that buffer, whether that is a local binding or the global

Perhaps we should change it to make the variable buffer-local if it is
not.  Per, what do you think?

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