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Re: compilation-goto-locus, pop-up-windows, same-window-regexps

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: compilation-goto-locus, pop-up-windows, same-window-regexps
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003 21:05:18 -0500

    Is there anybody that uses a nil value for pop-up-windows and likes
    the way it works now (eg. sometimes the window is split after all)?

We cannot tell this by asking the small number of people on this list.
It would be necessary to conduct a poll.

    Perhaps we should investigate why people set pop-up-windows to nil,
    and what their experiences are.

If we find a large number of people on this list who use pop-up-windows,
then their views on this question would provide a significant sample.
But if they are few, we need a larger sample.

    Personally, I only need one new variable, and I'd probably like it for
    *all* situations: (and pop-up-windows important-pop-up-windows).  I
    would like to add such a new variable to Emacs, and use it wherever
    pop-up-windows is bound to t at the moment.

This can't hurt, so perhaps this is the best way.

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