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Re: Emacs GTK scroll-bar flickering

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Emacs GTK scroll-bar flickering
Date: 27 Mar 2003 10:22:22 +0900

"Jan D." <address@hidden> writes:
> It turns out that since the container widget Emacs uses isn't double
> buffered, all the children (scroll bars) does not get double buffering
> either.
> I have checked in a fix for this (actually a couple a days ago, but it was 
> incomplete), hopefully it finally fixes this problem (hey, one can hope :-).

Yes, this seems to have fixed the flickering problem completely
(there are still some rough updates when the emacs window configuration
changes, but that's a relatively rare event, and I guess this sort of
thing is probably never going to be perfect, given that GTK is somewhat
bolted onto emacs).

Thanks for fixing it (and for putting up with all my complaining)!

BTW, I find that I can get better scrolling behavior with emacs/GTK if I
set `redisplay-dont-pause' to t -- otherwise, if I e.g., hold down a
scroll key (say C-v), scrolling updates the scroll bar smoothly, but the
text window only gets updated when I stop scrolling.  Any comment on
this?  [My processor seems to be fast enough to keep up when
redisplay-dont-pause is t]

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