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Re: Gtk scrollbar: thumb too short

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Gtk scrollbar: thumb too short
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 18:06:07 +0100

fredagen den 28 mars 2003 kl 23.35 skrev Robert J. Chassell:

Konqueror fails, too.

       I don't claim that one view is better than the other ...

    I just tried to move the bottom line of an article shown in the
    Mozilla web browser up so I could see it better, and I could not.

I just tried the same on Konqueror using KDE.  Equivalent failure.

It looks to me that `mainstream' browsers are as lacking of decent
interface design as mainstream desktops that lack `incremental search'
(which Jef Raskin (of Apple Macintosh interface fame) recommends in
his book, `The Humane Interface').

Mozilla actually has incremental search.  Type / and off you go (may
require mozilla 1.3).

        Jan D.

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