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Re: Files in wrong subdirs of emacs/lisp?

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Files in wrong subdirs of emacs/lisp?
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 08:05:31 -0400

     - ledit.el is for a Franz Lisp circa 1985. Is still useful/used?

I don't know.  We cannot tell just by thinking abstractly.

     - misc.el contains just one editing command (from 1989). If it is
    useful, why hasn't it been moved to bindings.el, simple.el, or another
    appropriate module?

You can't argue that a command is useless because of which file it is
in.  The reason we have not moved it is that we had no reason to move
it.  It is ok where it is.

misc.el might be a good place to put other editing commands that
someone wants to install but that don't need to be loaded by default,
such as zap-up-to-char.

    - progmodes/mantemp.el's description says "create manual template
    instantiations from g++ 2.7.2 output". Last significant change was six
    years ago.

This might be obsolete.  It would be useful to ask the GCC maintainers
whether it still works.  If it has broken, it might be better to fix 
it than to delete it.  I don't know--I have never used C++.

    Even with GCC's
    outstanding back-compatibility is difficult to believe its output wrt
    templates hasn't changed in six years.

The output in question is error messages, not code.  These error
messages may indeed be unchanged in 6 years.

     - textmodes/scribe.el: If I undestand correctly, is from 1985, for a
    VAX text formater, and the last significant changes were from 8 years
    ago. It is still used by someone?

Scribe had nothing in particular to do with the Vax, but it may
be obsolete.  So this Lisp package may be obsolete.

     - emacs-lisp/tq.el: I don't doubt it's useful, 

If the feature is useful, then it is not obsolete.
                                                    but is not used anywhere
    in Emacs (that I can see), and from a cursory search in Google it
    doesn't seem to be much used outside either.

That is not a reason to call something obsolete.

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