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Re: Problems with info (emacs version)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Problems with info (emacs version)
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 13:17:43 -0400

> 3.  Invisible text suddenly becomes visible when yanked inside an
>     Emacs buffer (by default).  Text with the display property does
>     not when yanked in an Emacs buffer, but does when yanked into
>     other applications.  Try to make sense of that if you do not know
>     about the invisibility property, yank-ignored-properties or the
>     display property.  (I would guess that most newbies or casual
>     users do not know about any of these, let alone about all of them
>     and their subtleties.)  Some text appears completely out of
>     nowhere when yanking into an Emacs buffer and then suddenly even
>     more text appears when yanking it elsewhere.  What is going on?

I think we should solve the above as follows:
Instead of marking lines as:

   * CVS:(cvs).                 The CVS thingy.
        (display "             ")

we should mark them as follows:

   * CVS:(cvs).                 The CVS thingy.
        ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      invisible (display (space :align-to 24))

the idea being that `display' is only used to turn a set of spaces
into some other representation of "some number of space".  and the
text that's really made invisible uses the `invisible' property,
so the rest of Emacs knows better how to handle it.


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