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Re: yet another todo editing system

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: Re: yet another todo editing system
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2003 11:27:10 +0200
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Joe Corneli <address@hidden> writes:

> I tried out Emacs Wiki last night.  And yes it is rather like what I
> have.
> The two most obvious differences are
>           * Wiki is based on a plain text format
> whereas
>           * Todo is based on a list format

For a todo application, it might be useful to somehow marry Wiki with
outline mode.

>           * Todo can have links with arbitrary text labels
> whereas
>           * Wiki CanOnlyHaveLinksWithLabelsLikeThis

How do you distinguish links from non-links in Todo?

> Another difference:
>           * Todo encourages fairly arbitrary "markup" 
> whereas
>           * Wiki says "The general idea is to write plain ASCII."

Hm.  To me, the words "arbitrary" and "markup" don't go well
together.  Markup means that there is a program to interpret the
markup in some fashion.  Wiki tries to make its markup blend well
with natural language text, so that it doesn't stand out so much.

Anything that doesn't have to be interpreted by the Wiki processor
can be freely used.

By saying that Todo encourages arbitrary markup it seems that you
mean that Todo as a program doesn't interpret it.  Well, you can do
that with Wiki, too.

But that said, I still haven't found the right todo application for
me.  Maybe I'm confused as to what I need.  But I've tried a number of
them and still haven't settled on one.

(Btw, organizer-mode might be interesting to you because it supports
a number of links: you can link from a todo item to a message in Gnus
or RMAIL or VM, and to a BBDB record, and so on.  It seems that what
you need most are links -- your Todo is basically all links, right?
So maybe you might like organizer-mode.)
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