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Re: yet another todo editing system

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: Re: yet another todo editing system
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2003 05:54:16 -0500

> How do you distinguish links from non-links in Todo?

< > This is a link <<link>>
< > this is not a link

I usually write the lists from within the program Todo...  so to change
a link into a non-link (or vice versa) is a simple matter.  To go from
non-link to link, you are prompted with a file name made up of
underscore-separated words from the string (eg., this_is_not_a_link).
You are also prompted with a prefix based on the name of the current
file (eg., example_for_kai.this_is_not_a_link).  But you can choose any

Of course, when you look at the files, the stuff between
the <<>>'s is usually not visible. (There is a toggle to change
from one view to the other.)

> By saying that Todo encourages arbitrary markup it seems that you
> mean that Todo as a program doesn't interpret it.  Well, you can do
> that with Wiki, too.

Markup (in Todo) is useful primarily for two things: 1. sorting the
entries according to type; 2. pretty-printed exporting.  Todo process
the markup when exporting, but currently in a fairly limited way.
Ideally the user would be able to tell Todo how to process the markup,
then the sky would be the limit.

Arbitrary just means that the user gets to make up what the tags mean.
That's why the user should be able to say how to process them.

> organizer-mode

Will check it out...

Oh by the way, I'm going out of town in a few hours, probably won't have
any email for a few days - so if I don't write back promptly to emails
about Todo for a while, it isn't out of rudeness or lack of interest...


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