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Keyboard Access For gdb-ui.el (from emacs 21.3.50 CVS)

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Keyboard Access For gdb-ui.el (from emacs 21.3.50 CVS)
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2003 12:22:01 +0100

Hello Raman,

I've cc'ed this to emacs-devel as its a wider (and more pertinent) group
than emacs-pretesters, I think. I hope thats OK.

T. V. Raman writes:

 > Hi --
 > I've been using the CVS version of Emacs 21.3.50 and have been using
 > gdb-ui.el successfully with emacspeak for the most part.
 > However some of the more advanced functionality provided by gdb-ui.el
 > --specifically the ability to display array slices --is completely
 > mouse dependent -could it be possible to make these available from the
 > keyboard as well?

The current version of gdb-ui.el (CVS version 1.39) has two commands for
selecting an array slice bound as follows:

(define-key map [mouse-2] 'gdb-mouse-array-slice)
(define-key map "\r" 'gdb-array-slice)

Does the second binding do what you want?

 > Incidentally this is a disturbing trend in many of the new emacs 21.4
 > packages ---ses is another good example of a package that has a lot of
 > functionality that is avilable only to the mouse-enabled.

In general I have tried to make the mode work on graphical displays and
text-only terminals and I think most other developers do the same. 

Robert Chassell has given me advice for emacspeak in the context of
documentation. To be honest though, I don't understand how gdb-ui.el can work
with emacspeak. For example, breakpoint locations are shown by an icon or
character in the display margin. How does this work with emacspeak?

In general, if you explain exactly how a feature should work, then I will be
happy to try to implement it.


 > Would be nice to maintain Emacs' tradition of being fully usable
 > without a mouse --with the mouse providing an alternative means to do
 > things --rather than an exclusive means to perform certain actions.
 >  Thanks, 
 >  --Raman
 > -- 
 > Best Regards,
 > --raman
 > WWW:    http://emacspeak.sf.net/raman/
 > AIM:    TVRaman
 > PGP:    http://emacspeak.sf.net/raman/raman-almaden.asc
 > IRC:    irc://irc.gnu.org/emacspeak

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