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CVS Grab PERL script: Those behind firewall

From: dhruva
Subject: CVS Grab PERL script: Those behind firewall
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2003 19:11:34 +0530

 I was looking for a nice tool to access the GNU Emacs CVS repository
 from behind the firewall. IMO, there might be lot of people behind such
 firewalls and are trying to access the CVS repository (any project with
 ViewCVS). I have tried various tools but they were not dependable.
 I have written a CRUDE PERL Script which uses GNU wget internally to
 download the files. I am very NEW to PERL.

 - This can download only from the HEAD.
 - Requires GNU wget (all extra options must be in .wgetrc)
 - Will update local repository only if the versions on source 
   repository is different from the local.
 - 2 extra files (dirlist and filelist) gets created in the project 
   folder. This has the data relating to revision info of files on 
 - Update handles removal of files/folders (and copying of new stuff)

I have tried this on Windows 2000 using PERL 5.8 (not ActivePerl) and GNU
Wget 1.9-beta and it worked for me.

If you find a similar need, go ahead and use it. But be careful, it is
only I have used it and is not well tested. It is BETA phase.

The latest version will be posted on my website:

with regards,
Dhruva Krishnamurthy
Web: http://schemer.fateback.com/

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