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Re: cc-langs.el

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: cc-langs.el
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 22:22:13 -0400

I am willing to consider a small number of functions for inclusion
as standard parts of Emacs.  I don't have time to consider a large
number, and I can't agree to them without considering them.

I do not like the Common Lisp style of using keyword arguments
for many common functions.  I basically do not have a very high
opinion of many of the decisions that were made in Common Lisp.

Adding the feature for iterating over multiple lists to mapc and
mapcar is fine with me.  I left that out only because I did not want
to do the work implement it.  If you want to write this, and do a
clean job, by all means do it.

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