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Re: GC crashes

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: GC crashes
Date: 08 Dec 2003 01:25:17 -0500
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>> You said that the value associated with each key is always
>> an integer, right?  In that case, the value is always
>> survive_gc_p, so it will never cause the key&value pair to
>> be removed, 

> ??? See this code of sweep_weak_table (in fns.c).

>       for (idx = HASH_INDEX (h, bucket); !GC_NILP (idx); idx = next)
>       {
>         int i = XFASTINT (idx);
>         int key_known_to_survive_p = survives_gc_p (HASH_KEY (h, i));
>         int value_known_to_survive_p = survives_gc_p (HASH_VALUE (h, i));
>         int remove_p;

>         if (EQ (h->weak, Qkey))
>           remove_p = !key_known_to_survive_p;
>         else if (EQ (h->weak, Qvalue))
>           remove_p = !value_known_to_survive_p;
>         else if (EQ (h->weak, Qkey_or_value))
>           remove_p = !(key_known_to_survive_p || value_known_to_survive_p);
>         else if (EQ (h->weak, Qkey_and_value))
>           remove_p = !(key_known_to_survive_p && value_known_to_survive_p);
>         else
>           abort ();

> If h->weak is Qkey, it sets remove_p only by checking
> key_known_to_survive_p.  So, it seems that wether the value
> survives GC or not doesn't matter in this case.

Yes, we agree 100%.  If you passed Qt instead of Qkey, then the entries are
removed if either key or value does not survive, but since your values are
integers, they'll always survive.


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