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CVS maxima on openmcl

From: Piet van Oostrum
Subject: CVS maxima on openmcl
Date: 22 Mar 2004 19:12:22 +0100
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openmcl returns :unspecific as result of pathname-device (which is
perfectly correct). But the cvs cersion of maxima can't deal with it and
includes UNSPECIFIC: in front of filenames.
The following patch solves this. Can somebody change this in the sources?

diff -c /Users/piet/Projects/cvs/maxima/src/init-cl.lisp.\~2\~ 
*** /Users/piet/Projects/cvs/maxima/src/init-cl.lisp.~2~        Mon Mar 22 
19:09:54 2004
--- /Users/piet/Projects/cvs/maxima/src/init-cl.lisp    Sat Mar 20 23:42:22 2004
*** 105,111 ****
                 (let ((dev (pathname-device str)))
                   (if (consp dev)
                       (setf dev (first dev)))
!                  (if (and dev (not (string= dev "")))
                       (concatenate 'string
                                     ":" dev) ":")
--- 105,111 ----
                 (let ((dev (pathname-device str)))
                   (if (consp dev)
                       (setf dev (first dev)))
!                  (if (and dev (not (eq dev :unspecific)) (not (string= dev 
                       (concatenate 'string
                                     ":" dev) ":")

Piet van Oostrum <address@hidden>
URL: http://www.cs.uu.nl/~piet [PGP]
Private email: address@hidden

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