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Re: making iswitchb the default

From: Stephen Eglen
Subject: Re: making iswitchb the default
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 10:48:46 +0100

 > > I cannot think of a reason why C-x b should not default to iswitchb in
 > > 21.4.  What do people think of that change?

Thanks John for promoting the case for iswitchb!  But I think its easy
enough to enable for now, so I don't have a strong preference for it
to become default.

 > Not much.  It makes it impossible to get at buffers starting with a
 > space, and it is close to impossible to persuade it you want to have a
 > buffer *cvs* when it would rather offer *cvs*<2> before that.  Type
 > *cvs* RET and it will still give you *cvs*<2>.  In particular when
 > there is also *cvs*<3>, it will give you alternatively *cvs*<2> and
 > *cvs*<3>, but not *cvs*.

Just in case people don't know, both these issues can be addressed:

iswitchb-buffer-ignore's value is ("^ ") and so you can switch off the
mechanism that removes buffers beginning with space.

For the cvs example, if you do "*cvs* C-j" rather than RET, you will
get *cvs* if it exists; if it does not you will be asked whether you
want to create that buffer.

Best wishes,

Stephen (iswitchb author)

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