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Re: making iswitchb the default

From: Stephen Eglen
Subject: Re: making iswitchb the default
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 12:48:48 +0100

 > I think there is a bug in iswitchb, as I just tried it, and don't see
 > anything that could be described as a joy.
 > With C-x b, I get a descriptive prompt "Switch to buffer (Default
 > *scratch*): ", and completion works as I'd expect.
 > With iswitchb-buffer, I get a prompt of "iswitchb " without even a
 > colon telling me where the prompt ends. I type a couple of letters,
 > and press tab, the completions buffer that comes up lists all my
 > buffers, including those that don't match. If I type the full name of
 > a buffer and hit return, I get some random buffer instead.

These are good reasons why iswitchb should not be default behaviour to
replace C-x b.  However I hope you have not found bugs in iswitchb.
To quote the top of the Commentary:

;; As you type in a substring, the list of buffers currently matching
;; the substring is displayed as you type.  The list is ordered so
;; that the most recent buffers visited come at the start of the list.
;; The buffer at the start of the list will be the one visited when
;; you press return.  By typing more of the substring, the list is

So, first off, the completions buffer is just showing you buffer names
matching the current substring you have typed.  Second, if you type
the full name of a buffer and hit return, usually (but not always, as
the *cvs*, *cvs<2>* example demonstrates) you should get the desired
buffer.  Certainly it should not be a random buffer!  If you still
find that, let me know as this is definitely a bug.


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