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Re: winner.el vs. simple.el

From: Juanma Barranquero
Subject: Re: winner.el vs. simple.el
Date: Sun, 02 May 2004 18:28:46 +0200

> On Thu, 22 Apr 2004 12:09:44 -0600, Kevin Rodgers <address@hidden>
> wrote:
> I suggest moving the winner commands to C-c left and C-c right.

Ok, so options are:

 a) Do nothing. The compatibility issue should be mentioned on NEWS so
    old winner users know they must re-bind winner-(undo|redo), or

 b) Assigning another keybindings for buffer-(left|right). Not a good
    idea because they are in general much more useful than winner-*.

 c) Changing winner-(undo|redo) to C-c (left|right).

 d) As c) but extending the current `winner-dont-bind-my-keys' boolean
    variable to a three-state with values like:

    nil   -> don't bind w-(u|r)
    t     -> bind w-(u|r) to C-c (l|r)
    'old  -> bind w-(u|r) to C-x (l|r)

 e) As c), with a new `winner-bind-incompatible-keys' (name irrelevant)
    defaulting to nil, so by default the binding is as now.

Preferences, anyone?


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