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Re: Improved help from minibuffer prompts

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Improved help from minibuffer prompts
Date: Sun, 02 May 2004 15:52:05 -0400

    `defun*' is a macro in emacs-lisp/cl-macs.el which allows creating
    defuns with (almost-)full CL-style arglists.

We don't consider CL as an official part of Emacs.

     In fact, there are at least
    two modules in Emacs which already define functions with such arglists:

      net/quickurl.el: (quickurl, quickurl-read, quickurl-browse-url)
      progmodes/ebrowse.el: (ebrowse-draw-file-member-info)

It might be a mistake to use defun* to define functions that are
advertised for Emacs, simply because it is misleading to use an
arglist syntax that isn't the usual Emacs syntax.  Also, it is
inconsistent with normal Emacs practice to have arguments whose
default value is not nil.  So I think we should change these

    There is also machinery (help-make-usage, from help-fns.el) to support
    them in describe-function. So it's better if help-highlight-arguments
    also supports them. Even if we were to expurge such functions from the
    sources, the user can make use of defun*...

Ok, I see no harm in having that machinery in case users use CL
to define such functions.

Will someone else offer to change quickurl, etc?

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