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Re: Improved help from minibuffer prompts

From: Juanma Barranquero
Subject: Re: Improved help from minibuffer prompts
Date: Mon, 03 May 2004 00:45:50 +0200

On Sun, 02 May 2004 15:52:05 -0400, Richard Stallman <address@hidden> wrote:

> We don't consider CL as an official part of Emacs.

I'm not sure what do you mean by "official". It's included with Emacs
since long ago, and also in XEmacs, and it's used by third-party code 
(at least, macros are). I know you object to it being loaded by modules
(although I'm not sure I believe in the namespace pollution issue, given
that XEmacs loads it by default), but in my view is as official as VC or

> Ok, I see no harm in having that machinery in case users use CL
> to define such functions.


> Will someone else offer to change quickurl, etc?

I can take a look.


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