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VC-SVN problem

From: Shawn Boyette
Subject: VC-SVN problem
Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 21:31:58 -0400
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Sorry if this should have gone to bug-gnu-emacs; I use CVS builds and
thus figured that devel would be more appropriate.

Short and sweet problem: for roughly the past 1.5 weeks, attempting to
commit any file under subversion control results in failure. The
messages are as follows:

  Wrote /home/mdxi/web/dict/kdict/edit/edit.xi [2 times]
  Loading log-edit...
  Loading easy-mmode...done
  Loading easymenu...done
  Loading log-edit...done
  Mark set
  Press C-c C-c when you are done editing.
  Enter a change comment.  Type C-c C-c when done
  Checking in /home/mdxi/web/dict/kdict/edit/edit.xi...
  vc-svn-checkin: Symbol's function definition is void: list*

The check-in is not successful, and the *VC-log* window is not
removed. This isn't a killer, obviously, but it's pretty dang annoying. 

I hate to just complain about things, but I've just started studying
my copy of the elisp intro book, so this one's pretty much over my

Shawn Boyette

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