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Re: +face-remapping-20040505-0.patch

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: +face-remapping-20040505-0.patch
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 13:54:18 -0400

    But it does simplify the explanation of what (face-attribute X :foo)
    returns (since we've already dealt with the issue of whether it returns the
    info corresponding to Y or to Y+Z or to Y+Z+default).

You have lost me here.  How does explaining what (face-attribute X
:foo) means relate to this issue?  This remapping has no effect
on face-attribute.

    Maybe it doesn't make the current implementation simple, but it at least
    makes the concept simpler.  OTOH, that's assuming that "99% of the remapping
    [will] just be from X to Y".  This 99% assumption assumes that mapping X
    to (X Y) doesn't work, tho.

    OTOH, I must say that the most important use of this remapping facility
    would be to tweak faces in various modes, so mapping X to (X Y) would be
    the most useful application, if not the only one.  So maybe we should
    have face-addition-alist rather face-remapping-alist so we could just put
    (region . bold) in order to add bold to the region face.

The existing feature is just as simple as either of these,
and more powerful.  I see no reason to replace it with anything
less powerful.

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