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Re: Info-index fails on node-name "~/.cvsrc"

From: Robert J. Chassell
Subject: Re: Info-index fails on node-name "~/.cvsrc"
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 09:27:37 -0400 (EDT)

   > emacs -batch -q -no-site-file -insert vm.texinfo \
   >     -l texinfmt -f texinfo-format-buffer -f save-buffer

   I suggest to report that as a bug to the VM maintainer(s).  I think VM
   should use `makeinfo', not texinfmt.el, to produce Info files.  

As the person who has mostly supported texinfmt.el these past few
years, I agree.  Indeed, for making Info files, I now use

    makeinfo --no-split --paragraph-indent=0 --verbose foo.texi

which works fine.  (It did not initially.)

   texinfmt should IMHO be considered deprecated and not used by GNU

I agree.  Its time is past.

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    As I slowly update it,                     address@hidden
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