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Customize interface: The use of "boxed" buttons

From: Per Abrahamsen
Subject: Customize interface: The use of "boxed" buttons
Date: Sat, 05 Jun 2004 16:12:41 +0200
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In Emacs 21, Customize buffers started using the "boxed" face for
buttons, instead of [bracked] bold text.  Unfortunately, there are
some problems with the implementation:

1) The change was implemented in Customize, not in the Widget, meaning
   buttons are inconsistent even among applications 

2) Indentation was never updated, so instead of

[ins] [del] Foo

we get

ins del Foo

3) The use of "raised" and "pressed" display does not seem to
   correspond to any standardised look and feel I know of.

4) There seem to be some redisplay problems associated with the
   buttons, that make complex types (especially faces) hard to use
   over a remote line.

5) Since Customize uses buttons a lot, the display becomes very

All of these problems, except maybe the last, are fixable, and all
represents problems that should be fixed.  However, nobody have seem
to be worked on that since Emacs 21 was released.

My suggestion is therefore that we "go back" to use a textual
representation for buttons (and other stuff) in Customize.  I think
that would represent a large increase in usability.

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