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Re: desktop.el and minor modes

From: Lars Hansen
Subject: Re: desktop.el and minor modes
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2004 21:24:39 +0200
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Juri Linkov wrote:

It works if dired-x is loaded before custom-set-variables, but this
requires modifications of existing .emacs to move loading dired-x
before custom-set-variables.

The issue you brought up was backwards caopatibility. As I tried to explain, with respect to dired-omit-files-p, things are not changed. If a user sets dired-omit-files-p in .emacs and it works with old dired-x, it is because dired-x is loaded before setting dired-omit-files-p. So it will continue to work with new dired-x. If a user sets dired-omit-files-p in .emacs before dired-x is loaded, it does not work with old dired-x, and it does not work with new dired-x. That's backward compatibility. There is no need to change .emacs.

So all what I suggest is to write an appropriate entry in NEWS
with explanations that `dired-omit-files-p' is obsoleted by
`dired-omit-mode' minor mode which can be customized now by
adding `dired-omit-mode' to `dired-mode-hook'.
I will do that.

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