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Re: C-h C-i

From: Karl Fogel
Subject: Re: C-h C-i
Date: 18 Jun 2004 07:33:03 -0500
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Juri Linkov <address@hidden> writes:
> There are some duplicated keybindings in help.el already:
> both `C-h n' and `C-h C-n' are bound to `view-emacs-news'.
> But `C-h i' is used more often than `C-h n' or `C-h C-n'.
> Why we have duplicated keybindings for `view-emacs-news',
> but can't add a new for `info'?

This isn't about whether or not we have a precedent for duplication.
It's about using up keyspace.  Just because we have used up some
keybindings, does not mean it's good to use up more.

You asked if there were any objections -- I objected :-).  If someone
had asked me whether `C-h C-n' was a good idea, given that we already
had `C-h n', I would have objected to that too, for the same reasons.

(Or perhaps they happened in the other order, but that doesn't change
the point.)


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