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Re: mail-extract-address-components extract modified full name

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: mail-extract-address-components extract modified full name
Date: 27 Jul 2004 10:19:49 -0400
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> like the approach you propose.  XEmacs users have reported even
> Latin-2 problems with the current implementation (Emacs do not have
> those problems, though, but it suggest the implementation could be
> improved).

[ The below is all "IIRC". ]

The function is supposed to receive ASCII input, so it's no wonder it might
break in other circumstances.  Why ASCII input?

Because the way things are defined in the RFCs, you should split the address
before doing the un-quoting of base64 and QP thingies.
I.e. after unquoting, the string might not be parsable any more (because
one of the QP chars could be a ", a \, a <, or something like that).

So the usual answer is that if you call the function with non-ASCII input,
you're not using it properly.  But of course, it's not that simple since you
might want to call that function e.g. on an email message that is being
written and that hasn't been QP-encoded yet.


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