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Re: Emacs Installer for MS Windows

From: Steven Tamm
Subject: Re: Emacs Installer for MS Windows
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 18:02:55 -0700

My point was not to have an adjective, nor as a comparison to XEmacs. There is only one Emacs. However, it seems to be a style among many applications to group by manufacturer. Either with:
"C:\program files\Microsoft Office"
"C:\program files\Microsoft Visual Studio"
"C:\program files\apache group\apache"
"C:\program files\Mozilla Firefox"

Some people on the list may express a preference to do the same thing either with:
"C:\program files\GNU Emacs" or
"C:\program files\GNU\Emacs" or
"C:\program files\Emacs".
Others may think it's a bad idea. The point was not to distinguish flavours of Emacs; there is only one Visual Studio and only one Firefox. It's a stylistic decision that should be made explicitly, as opposed to being stumbled upon. Microsoft's Installer SDK doesn't describe what to do (although it is adamant about putting it in ProgramFiles).

It seems based on the feedback (or is that smackdown) that %PROGRAM_FILES%\Emacs is the location that causes the least discomfort.


On Aug 24, 2004, at 2:35 PM, Stefan Monnier wrote:

Point taken.  I guess I should have said "FSF Emacs"?

No, just "Emacs".
"XEmacs" is not "Emacs", just like "train" is not "rain".


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