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Re: vc-version-other-window

From: Stefan
Subject: Re: vc-version-other-window
Date: Sat, 09 Oct 2004 00:20:19 -0400
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>     IIUC, CVS people are working on a workaround (supposedly the problem is
>     that OpenSSH behaves badly, although it's difficult to say it's a bug).

> Would it be useful to release a patched version of OpenSSH?

And what happens when they release a newer (unpatched) version one month
later with some security fix?  Forking like that is not really an option
I think.

Maybe bringing the problem more often to their attention will at some point
convince people that something's got to be fixed.  I think right now the
OpenSSH people don't consider it as a bug and think it's CVS (or libc)
that's misbehaving.  Even the CVS people don't seem so sure that the problem
is on SSH's side.

What is needed is for the glibc, cvs, and openssh people to stop
finger-pointing and to work together at coming up with a fix.


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