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Re: displaying 8bit characters octal sequences

From: Roland Winkler
Subject: Re: displaying 8bit characters octal sequences
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 16:28:27 +0200

On Mon Oct 11 2004 Stefan wrote:
> >> My crystal ball tells me you're using `standard-european-display' and you
> >> think that's enough to be in unibyte mode.  Not so any more.
> >> If you want unibyte mode, you need to ask for it explicitly.
> > I am not sure I understand correctly what you say. No matter whether
> > I use "emacs --no-init-file" or "emacs --unibyte --no-init-file" 
> > I will not see the octal sequences. Where does the
> > standard-european-display come from? (Normally, I always use --unibyte.)
> Duh, you're right.
> ..... yes, now I remember ..... someone changed the default display of
> eight-bit-graphic chars: in multibyte buffers it's as before
> (i.e. octal sequences), but in unibyte buffers they're displayed as
> you're seeing them (i.e. as which ever glyph your default font chose for
> those non-ascii chars).
> Kim did you do this change?  I couldn't find mention of it in NEWS (looked
> for "unibyte" and "eight-bit") and don't know how a user can overrule
> this change.

Stefan, thanks a lot, though I am still not sure I understand
correctly what you say. If I understand you right

(standard-display-default 128 255)

should work if I am not in unibyte mode. 

When I load a buffer with german umlaute in "emacs --no-init-file",
according to the modeline emacs is not using the unibyte mode.
Nonetheless, standard-display-default has no effect for me either.
Or am I missing something here?


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