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Re: Moving files from lisp/gnus/ to lisp/net/?

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Moving files from lisp/gnus/ to lisp/net/?
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 19:27:05 -0400
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On Fri, Oct 15, 2004 at 09:37:01PM +0200, Simon Josefsson wrote:
> > I also propose to add password.el, encrypt.el from Gnus CVS, and
> > update the netrc.el file to use encrypt.el.  This may be more
> > controversial, so I'll post encrypt.el in a separate message, to ask
> > for guidance.
> I didn't realize Ted already posted encrypt.el, so let's move that
> discussion to that thread.

BTW, the Gnus CVS trunk now contains both "encrypt.el" and "gnus-encrypt.el",
which are exactly the same except that the latter uses "gnus-" prefixes for
everything (and has a big commented-out section).

Can't you just delete gnus-encrypt.el?


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