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Re: finger-pointer curser as default for mouse-face text

From: Kim F. Storm
Subject: Re: finger-pointer curser as default for mouse-face text
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 14:32:21 +0200
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David Kastrup <address@hidden> writes:

> address@hidden (Kim F. Storm) writes:
>> True, but the worst thing that can happen (if you use a positive
>> value) is that the click sets the point rather than follows the link
>> -- so if things are slow, just click again (and hope for the best)
>> or use mouse-2.
> Whether the system load delays the click or the release event more
> can't be guessed in advance, regardless of the settings.  In either
> case, you can get the two confused either way.  Which can mean that
> the link gets followed where the intent was to set point.

Hm, true, but at least on X, the timestamps are recorded by the X
server, so it's not depending on emacs getting any cycles to process
the clicks.

I still believe that it will work _satisfactory_ in practice.  But the
doc string could mention the potential problem.

Kim F. Storm <address@hidden> http://www.cua.dk

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