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Re: Addition to emacsbug.el

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Addition to emacsbug.el
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 17:01:10 +0200

I used Xaw3d.  The point that bothered me is if I have to pages in
a buffer, scrolling three lines involves a small mouse movement.
If I have three lines in the buffer, scrolling three lines involves a very
big mouse movement, even if I start with the mouse pointer in the same
place in both cases.

If that's the only thing that bothered you with my Xaw3d code, I'm
flattered ;-). After all, it's the desired behavior (and AFAICT this part of the behavior is common to all scrollbar implementations, even for other

Well, it is not all. I don't like that the thumb shrinks for "normal" scrolling, i.e. not overscrolling. As far as I know, no other program has overscrolling, so the common behaviour is undefined. I do not agree that it is the desired behaviour. If the window size and the buffer size are the same, and if the mouse pointer starts the scroll in the same position, then the same amount of movement should give the same amount of lines scrolled regardless if this is a normalscroll or an overscroll. But as I said, there are no programs I know of that has overscrolling, so this is just an opinion.

        Jan D.

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