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Re: Addition to emacsbug.el

From: Stefan
Subject: Re: Addition to emacsbug.el
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 12:53:01 -0400
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>>> I used Xaw3d.  The point that bothered me is if I have two pages in
>>> a buffer, scrolling three lines involves a small mouse movement.
>>> If I have three lines in the buffer, scrolling three lines involves
>>> a very big mouse movement, even if I start with the mouse pointer in the
>>> same place in both cases.
>> If that's the only thing that bothered you with my Xaw3d code, I'm
>> flattered ;-).  After all, it's the desired behavior (and AFAICT this part
>> of the behavior is common to all scrollbar implementations, even for other
>> programs).

> Well, it is not all.  I don't like that the thumb shrinks for "normal"
> scrolling, i.e. not overscrolling.  As far as I know, no other program has
> overscrolling, so the common behaviour is undefined.  I do not agree that it
> is the desired behaviour.  If the window size and the buffer size are the
> same, and if the mouse pointer starts the scroll in the same position, then
> the same amount of movement should give the same amount of lines scrolled
> regardless if this is a normalscroll or an overscroll.  But as I said, there
> are no programs I know of that has overscrolling, so this is just
> an opinion.

Hmm... there's obviously something I do not understand here.
Your example had two buffers with *different sizes* (one with 2 pages, the
other with 3 lines).  I myself have never noticed a difference between
"overscroll" and "normallscroll" behavior in Emacs, and indeed the code
makes no such distinction so the behavior should be exactly the same.


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