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Re: hide/show mode definitions for g77

From: David McKee
Subject: Re: hide/show mode definitions for g77
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 13:38:35 -0500 (EST)

   Last weekend I was able to give a little time to this code again. The
version originally posted had some problems which I have partially

I've updated the version in my web-space

First and foremost, the forward block implementation was simply broken.
Blame it on my (nearly complete lack of) lisp skills.

Secondly, is the issue of column 1 comments. Evidently these are
quite a headache in the fortran mode as they cannot be handled using the
usual syntax table methods. The new code completely ignores column 1
comments. Comments indicated with a '!' are now treated. I think this even
works. As a hack, one can indicate column one comments with a '!' and then
they will work too. G77 seems to accept this.

Thirdly, the regexps that identify block start/stop conditions are
extended objects, and if the point is somewhere inside or immediately before
them when hs-hide-block is called, it hides the block _containing_ the
indicated block deliminator. Which is not what I expected. Not sure if I
can beat this, or if the user will simply have to beware. I looked for a
Pascal hide/show implementation to see if this is normal with extended
delimnators (begin/end), but didn't find one. Is there an extant hide/show
implementation for a language with extended deliminators? Does it do this?

I've not heard back from any of my colleagues on this and don't know if
anyone is using it. Still very little testing.

cc: Glenn Morris


-- David McKee
-- address@hidden
-- (757) 269-7492    (Office)

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