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Windows clipboard copy/paste

From: David Hanak
Subject: Windows clipboard copy/paste
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 15:14:31 -0600
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(Disclaimer: I know this topic has been addressed several times before,
but even after a considerable time of googling I was unable to find a
definite answer, so here goes.)

I'm using NT/Emacs (some kind of custom build found on the
web) under Windows XP (SP2):

GNU Emacs (i386-mingw-nt5.1.2600) of 2004-02-13 on BERATUNG4

And I have some trouble copying international text to/from the system
clipboard.  Most of the time I need to copy latin-2 characters
(Hungarian being my mothertounge), although every once in a while it
would be advantageous to be able to copy other international characters
as well.

If I take this accented sequence, for example "áéíóőűŐŰ", and copy it to
the clipboard, the last four characters (which don't exist only in the
latin-2 charset) become ????.  In the other direction, if I copy a
Hungarian accented 'ő' from another windows application onto the
clipboard, and yank it into Emacs, I get 'o"' or 'õ'.

Since I have x-select-enable-clipboard set to t, this messes up the
Emacs-only copy/yank cycle, too.  I tried playing around with
'set-selection-coding-system' and 'set-w32-system-coding-system', but it
didn't really work.  Setting the selection coding system *does* help a
bit with the latin-2 characters, but it's still not perfect, because
then an 'ő' copied from Emacs becomes 'õ' in other applications, and of
course makes a mess of non latin-2 characters.  No better luck with
UTF-8 or UTF-16 either.

Is there a solution, or I just have to bear with it?


David Hanak - Research Engineer
Institute for Software Integrated Systems  |  http://www.isis.vanderbilt.edu
Vanderbilt University                      |      Work phone: (615) 343 1319
Box 1829, Station B, Nashville, TN 37235   |            PGP key ID: 266BC45F

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