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Re: Old versions of GNU Emacs

From: Darryl Okahata
Subject: Re: Old versions of GNU Emacs
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 23:34:50 -0800

"Ben Wing" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Can any clever person locate some of the older intermediate versions, or any
> version older than 18.55?

I also have:

* Patches for 18.57-->18.58.

* GNU Emacs 18.58.

* Various GNU Emacs tarballs that claim to be (however, I do not
  remember if any of these are internal/private/alpha copies):

        19.12-->19.13 diffs

I used to have a 17.something version, but that's on an ancient HP
cartridge tape for which I have no drive (not to mention that the tape
readability is questionable, after all these years).

        Darryl Okahata

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