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Making a script to update and compile from CVS

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Making a script to update and compile from CVS
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 22:36:55 +0100

I saw someone made a try on EmacsWiki to automate the process of copying and
building Emacs from CVS. So I started to wonder how to do the building
process after a checkout update from CVS. There is no definitive answer in
INSTALL.CVS (unless you want to do "make bootstrap"). Doing "make autoloads
..." and "make recompile" are rather fast so there is no need to hesitate to
always do them (not even on an old pc like mine). Sometimes I have seen that
doing multiple "make recompile ..." are necessary.

Now I wonder in what order to do this. Should something like this be ok:

  (in lisp)
  make autoloads ...
  make recompile ...
  make recompile ...
  make recompile ...

  (in main)
  make info
  make install

(This is of course not failproof, but maybe useful.) Could please someone
who knows this better please comment on the order of things etc here?

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