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RE: Customize buttons that change user'scustomfileshouldaskforconfirmati

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Customize buttons that change user'scustomfileshouldaskforconfirmation
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 09:28:02 -0800

If we do split Erase Customization in two: a) "Get All" > "Standard" plus b)
"Save All", then there is the question of how "Save All" should act wrt
values in the buffer that happen to be the same as the standard values.

Two possibilities:

1. Save is smart wrt `standard', recognizes equality between standard values
and values to be "saved", and reworks the user's custom file much as Erase
Customization does today.

2. Save is dumb, and always saves the values (edit fields) in the buffer to
the user's custom file.

It is the difference between a pointer and a copy:

The meaning of #1 is to maintain the standard value in future sessions.
Instead of a copy of the current `standard' value being saved, what would
really be saved is an indication that the `standard' value is to be used -
whatever the current standard value is at the time `custom-set-variables' is
executed. (We will need to fix some of the pbs already discussed, before
this will work correctly.)

The meaning of #2 is to take a snapshot of the current `standard' values
(those in the buffer) and save those value copies to the custom file.

When I made the suggestion to split Erase Customization, I had #1 in mind
(smart save, that is, no change to the Erase Customization behavior), but
now I think that this should perhaps be a user choice, possibly on a
case-by-case basis. A user might well somtimes want to Get the Standard
value and then save that value, whether or not it happens to stay the

For save operations on multiple options (Save All button and menu item), we
could provide radio buttons for the two choices in the buffer (or in the
menu). For save operations on a single option, we could provide two
different menu items.

OTOH, it might be confusing to combine these two notions under the name
"Save" - #2 is not at all a Save operation, in fact. With this
consideration, perhaps "Save" should mean save, and we should have a
separate button/item called something like "All Standard from Now On". Yes,
this is a return to Erase Customization, I guess.

What do others think?

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