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Re: Key binding M-g should really be goto-line autolearn=no version=3.0.

From: Jari Aalto+mail.linux
Subject: Re: Key binding M-g should really be goto-line autolearn=no version=3.0.2
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005 04:01:20 +0200

| Since Richard really wants facemenu-keymap as a keybinding, what about
| making a compromise?  Bind goto-line to M-o, or bind facemenu-keymap
| to M-o and goto-line to M-g?  Or maybe modify a existing keybinding so
| that C-u ... does goto-line (maybe M-g is a candidate for this?)? Or
| bind goto-line to something like C-x ~.

I'd welcome gladly:

M-o   for facemenu-keymap  
M-g   for goto-line

| FWIW, I fail to see why people want goto-line, I never used it,
| facemenu-keymap atleast has a potential use already, and in the
| future; whereas goto-line is just a crutch.  And I fail to see the
| fetish people have over keybidnings, specially M-g.

It's not fetish. It's practical. As I showed. Add to it doing remote
compilation on site (A) when you edit the source at (B) and both sites
share the code through version control. (So you update B; refresh A and;
recompile at A)

Or try mixing Win32 environment with other hosts where not all the power of
Linux/Unix's remote handling is available. 

Line numbers coming from different sources like after cron job, where
site's links have been checked and you edit the files in another host.

But the typical situation is Web programming like PHP and others, where
line number is crucial in order to reach the error. 

It's just everyday work. All cannot be done from within Emacs; only handful
of people might be able to do that; the majority of users certainly consider
goto-line more useful than facemenu-keymap.


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