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Re: Auto-fill-mode bug: unbreakable space lost

From: Ehud Karni
Subject: Re: Auto-fill-mode bug: unbreakable space lost
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 19:23:26 +0200

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005 23:33:48 +0200, Juri Linkov <address@hidden> wrote:
> BTW, now Emacs highlights non-breaking space and soft hyphen only for
> two charsets.  Perhaps support for all other charsets should be added
> to xdisp.c? I.e. to test for the following characters:
> iso8859-2:  0x920 0x92d
> iso8859-3:  0x9a0 0x9ad
> iso8859-4:  0xa20 0xa2d
> iso8859-5:  0xe20 0xe2d
> iso8859-6:  0xba0 0xbad
> iso8859-7:  0xb20 0xb2d
> iso8859-8:  0xc20 0xc2d
> iso8859-9:  0xea0 0xead
> iso8859-14: 0xfa0 0xfad
> iso8859-15: 0xf20 0xf2d

I second that. May be we should define the shift space (S-SPC) key to
produce the non-breaking space in the current charset (I did it for
Hebrew - iso8859-8). The definition for non-breaking hyphen (minus)
can not be done this way, because shift hyphen produce underscore (_)
(at least in US/Hebrew keyboard).


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