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Re: `xterm-mouse-mode' has a bogus Custom group

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: `xterm-mouse-mode' has a bogus Custom group
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 13:50:59 +1200

 > The situation is obviously so messy that going for 100 percent
 > accurate documentation seems hopeless.  I include patches below whose
 > main difference docwise is that they include the word basically to
 > indicate that no 100 percent accuracy is claimed: "Basically, only
 > non-modified single clicks are supported."

Yes, I think this is enough detail.

 > The new patch for xt-mouse includes a more fundamental non-doc change,
 > which I could, of course, easily leave out if it would be deemed
 > undesirable: get rid of the "Mouse" which appears in the mode line if
 > the mode is activated.
 > The way I understand it, if you want Emacs to handle simple mouse
 > clicks while running in an xterm, you can simply enable the mode
 > unconditionally.  While you are using a window system, the mode does
 > nothing anyway.  Except for putting the confusing "Mouse" in the mode
 > line.  Also, this is the kind of thing you either enable permanently
 > or not at all.  It does not seem to be the kind of stuff that you
 > dis/enable all the time.  Hence, even while running Emacs in an xterm,
 > the "Mouse" just seems too waste precious space in the mode line.

I only enable xterm-mouse-mode in an xterm:

(if (eq window-system 'nil) 
    (if (string= "xterm" (getenv "TERM"))
          (xterm-mouse-mode 1)
      (load-library "t-mouse")
      (t-mouse-mode 1))

I've only found it helpful to have "Mouse" in the mode-line so I know it has
actually loaded. If it is removed, might it make sense to conditionally load
xt-mouse in startup.el to ensure its always loaded when needed?


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