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Re: lispref/frames.texi and xmenu.c

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: lispref/frames.texi and xmenu.c
Date: Sun, 01 May 2005 14:57:16 -0400

Studying the code, I see that the original x-popup-menu in the non-Xt
case does quit if the user cancels, except in the case where it was
invoked for a mouse click.  (This is determined by the POSITION
argument.)  When the code was adapted to Xt, that part of the
functionality was lost, it looks like.

Seeing this, I concluded that the right thing to do is to make all the
implementations of x-popup-menu quit also, under the same condition.
I implemented this in xmenu.c, but not in w32menu.c and macmenu.c.

Would you please document this behavior?

Aside from that issue, the manual changes are good, but

    ! The argument @var{menu} says what to display in the menu.

please delete that blank line.

Regarding the doc strings:

    ! This function returns nil if the user quits or pops down the menu
    ! without making a valid choice.  Note that this differs from
    ! `x-popup-dialog', which quits without returning a value in these
    ! situations.  */)

    ! If the user pops down the dialog box without making a valid choice,
    ! then this produces a quit and the function returns no value.  Note
    ! that this differs from `x-popup-menu', which returns nil in this
    ! situation.  */)

There's no need for each function to talk about what the other does.
Just document what each function does when the user exits without a

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